Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sol:5: Night noises

Have you ever gotten that feeling  like somethings there but there’s nothing there . One night I was in my house, nothing happing, I was watching videos. The light from the phone was like a beam lighting up the area . Watching a video for entertainment, bored. Nothing to do then, I was ready to fall asleep. I stumbled across a video it was very creepy but had gotten my interest for some reason. Outside of my house the rocking chair moving alone with the wind rocking back and forth seeming like someone was there. I stood up to look out of the window, the moon glowing brighter than the street lamps. Then I heard creaking of the wood . I turned the flashlight on waiting a little to see if  nothing was there . I had said to my self under neath my breath that it’s just my imagination taking over. I had ran and jumped onto the couch and hopped into the cover hovering it on me it was like a shield . I was very young around the age of 7 . I fell asleep soon after but I had woke up almost every hour. Than it was day I turned on the tv.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sol:4 comics and what comic I like

I like to make or think about comics I’m still trying to make it in certain ways like characters delvompent an concipart it takes me almost a month to think charters threw I mostly look at other people’s things like samurai jack for the art style . The things that inspired some of the creations are Mostly the creator of hellboy or the creator of spawn I like some of the comics because it leaps out of the big brand superheroes companies such as marvle or dc it is hard to come up with ideas for charters but once you have an idea it very good to make it because it opens up your mind to ideas . I would like to make comics on iPads like a YouTube that I watch .One of my favorite characters from hellboy is abesapin are one of my favorite characters from comics .

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sol:3 Scary trip to the zoo

On Halloween my family had tooken me to the zoo . I didn’t know what to expect as a young kid . We had gone throw the fort gate the night was being to come . It was Halloween the place he had gone into I was scared before we have gotten it to the place .people wearing costumes that had dramatized me as a little 8 year old but the experience was not that fun but it felt like a long time that we were in there people trying to scar you by yelling or moving beside you the place had fires lit the sand it was very creep because after words people that were working there were still trying to scare people moving or leaving . We had soon left and I fell a sleep.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

sol:2# The day at the beach

The day I to the lake I had gone with my cousins and we had gone during the summer . The sun was beating on us we had packed food and spend some of the time on the underneath the trees block out the sun .when I had gone into the water the cold water splashed in my face a big wave had hit me in the face knocking me down . The water was murky I could barely see . We had had a little spot that we had for the beach .the sun was being swolled by the ocean . After words we had gone back to my grandparents house and had hung out with my cousins the next day planing a other day at the beach.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sol:#1 Trip to the Apaurim

My tr See penguins walk around I remember it I had gone with my family it was winter time it being so cold my feet were num walking in the warmth building . I had looked at the animals many species like sharks,walking seeing schools of fish . Once we had gone up we gotten trapped in an elevator . Then getting out of the elevator feeling like a sentry but I got threw it . Look on the out side waves hitting the building I scared. We had walked to see the show with the penguins after the show was done I had looked of the big pool of water the clear deep blue water I held on tight to the bare the trip I took was very scary but I still liked going to the aquarium.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sol :Trip to Mexico

My slice of life is  when I went to Mexico. When i was 8 or 9  years old I had gone to Mexico with my parents siblings and cousins we had gone on a bus it was late summer  around 5 in the afternoon we had been packing for 2 days. when we had got into the bus I had sat with my cousin . We had been traveling for 4 days as soon as we had gotten to Mexico I had seen tall mountains and other thing such as that I had some cousins that I didn’t know I had I couldn’t speak Spanish that good so it was pretty hard to talk to them but I had fun staying up in the night and going to hangout with my cousin.  I had seen some of the animals over at Mexico and got to ride a horse. The day we had left I don’t remember much but seeming my dad and my dog and we had soon gotten back home to fall a sleep.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

one word changes

My one word is working out for me . I have an understanding but there’re are a few thing that I need to work on.the thing I need to think things throw. but I think this word is good so far like I have changed the way I’ve been thinking. an it has gone along with my one working I don’t think of stuff I do as beening how it’s presented .this one word showed what I do can change thinks.