Wednesday, May 30, 2018


did you hear that in the ghetto there is no meadow didn’t you get the demo.fear ends up turning to tears . Even tho we may have grew up in ghetto there is a meadow but in our hearts even tho we might be torn apart we still can come back to get her to stay here forever.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Little Mouse

Hear me read the poem

A mousie sat upon a shelf,Catching fleas in his coat of fur.
But he couldn’t catch her – what chargrin! – 
She’d hidden ‘way inside his skin he turned and wriggled, knew no rest,
That flea was such a nasty pest!
His daddy came
And searched his coat.
He caught the flea and off he ran.
To cook her in the frying pan.
The little mouse cried, “Come and see!
For lunch we’ve got a nice, fat flea!”

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Getting away with murder

The book that I had read was getting away with murder. It was written by Christopher  E Crowe It was a true story that happened in 1955 when the civil rights movement were just about to begin. It was a boy named Emmitt till  he was only 14 years old when he was murdered .Two white individuals had killed him .A lot of Afraicain Americans were outragged because of  this incident  with the white men . I liked the book because it was very interesting to see what had happened to this young man . It was  kind of disturbing because they beat the young man to death with no remorse for him just because of the little thing he did .I was surprised because the men got away with killing the young man. The white men threw his body in a river. I recommend reading it if books about history are your type of thing.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I had went camping a couple years ago . I had packed my bags .I had gotten ready for camping I gathered all my clothes and stuff that I needed for this trip. I had waited for ever one to get ready to go my siblings and I had sat down ready for this camping trip .I was excited for this trip we left at night cars lights flashing my eyes were burning .I need to sleep I closed my eyes to wake up to cars beeping . We were traveling at least for a day then they said 4 more hours to get there and I started to see farm land in the distances I thought to my self wille I played on my iPad this isn’t were we are camping but we got there and I had gone fishing in the big lake over there it was fun for me I had like what was over there and stuff.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sol8:Rainy day

The fog from the rain was super thick. The rain bouncing off the roof hitting the gutters. The rain loud sounding like little soldiers marching. The thunder sounding like a boom that just went off. I was inside looking out the window. The lights in my living room went off cars beeping from the thunder . I could here sirens outside ringing loud it sounded like animals raring loud. I peeped out the wind to see dark sky’s .The power went off because of the the weather the rain . I built a fort that towered over the bed with the blankets the darkness filled the house and the streets .i walked out to see what had happened and the rain was pouring The cold air hit me I was shivering from the cold I wasn’t wearing and shoes or sockets the damp would soocked from the rain the rocking chair moving ever were it was almost moving out of control I ran back inside but the screen door flow up with the wind .  I walk in sooked from head to toe . I covered my self with a towel to dry my self up. I sat down there was nothing else to do because of the weather the storm had past I like when it rains the drops hitting everything calmed me down it feel like weights on my eyes they shut closed .

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sol:7 New dog

I had lost my dog in the summer of 2012. I had came back from a trip from Florida. I was happy to see my dog. I walked in the backyard and called my dog. There was no dog to meet me with a wagging tail. I had ran to my parents saying “where’s my dog.” They had told me that he had ran off. My 9 year old mind was shattered because of the news . The next day we had gone to go check at a dog shelter. I could not find my dog with white curly fur. I didn’t stop I was determined to find him. I didn’t want to stop finding him. A few years past, my birthday day was coming up. My grandma had bought me a new dog because what had happened a few years before. I was happy for my new dog, we had went to the place that was selling the puppys. I didn’t know which one to pick until one dog had picked me and we took him home. He had ran around with joy, just a few months old .

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sol:6 snow day

  It was winter time I had walked outside the snow crunching under neath my feet as I walked .The snow was as soft as sand. I had ran threw a big pile of snow the snow had stuck onto my clothing . It was  very late at night there was no school the next day. It had been closed because of a snow storm from the night precisely. I threw myself onto the snow and landed on my back I laid back on the snow if had felt like a pillow laying there. I was looking up at the dark blue sky it had look like someone had painted it and splater white paint making up the stars that I had seen in the sky. My body had began to num because of the cold weather my body shaking the layers of clothing not keeping me warm enough.  I had gone back inside beacues of the cold. My mother had made hot choclate warming me out removing the numming from my finger tips. I laid in my bed throwing the cover over me to keep me warm the wind blowing form the outside sounding like a wolf howling .