Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sol:3 Scary trip to the zoo

On Halloween my family had tooken me to the zoo . I didn’t know what to expect as a young kid . We had gone throw the fort gate the night was being to come . It was Halloween the place he had gone into I was scared before we have gotten it to the place .people wearing costumes that had dramatized me as a little 8 year old but the experience was not that fun but it felt like a long time that we were in there people trying to scar you by yelling or moving beside you the place had fires lit the sand it was very creep because after words people that were working there were still trying to scare people moving or leaving . We had soon left and I fell a sleep.


  1. Dang bro that’s hard I was in a movie back then

  2. Did you ever get scared before you fell asleep